A Warm Welcome

Crypto vaults are non-custodial investment portfolios that anyone can securely join. For any investor looking to jump into the latest DeFi farming and growth opportunities or immediately create a diversified portfolio, Vaults Network gives you access to this multi-billion-dollar space in just a few clicks.

What is Vaults Network

Vaults Network is an A-Z vaults directory and creator tool. Powered by Decentralised governance, Vaults Network lets you quickly find and invest in profitable portfolios created by investment pros, or create your own Vault and earn commission from investors who join it.

Why DeFi and Why Vaults?

The team has long believed that decentralised finance is the natural evolution for crypto investment and it gives investors greater power and control over their wealth. It is a space that is now blossoming and 2020 has already seen massive gains in investment dollars and projects.

Crypto vaults leverage the power of DeFi to give investors greater value and security. They are non-custodial and therefore do not have the risks seen on centralised platforms - "Not you keys, not your coins ". They give investors access to a huge variety of investment strategies without having to worry about the technicalities how they work, for example automated yielf farming.

The VST Token

The Vaults Store Token (VST) is the token which drives Vaults Network and our DeFi ethos. It is a governance token which allows holders to shape the future of the project and to share in its success. Following the launch of the protocol, the VST token will be available on a number of major crypto trading platforms.

For more details and to learn more about Vaults Network, please check out the official website https://vaults.network.

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